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Haida M15 150mm Filter Holder System with M15 Circular Polarizer




Haida M15 150mm Filter Holder System with M15 Circular Polarizer

The Haida philosophy of listening to our customers has helped us to create a new insert filter holder system which meets the needs of landscape photographers, from enthusiasts to high end professionals.

Featuring a new quick release design, the new M15 filter holder allows for fast filter installation and ease of operation. First install the adapter ring, then the holder, then it's just an easy "drop-in" process to inserting filters.

The new design allows the magnetic circular polarizer filter (CPL) to be attached to the holder, which does away with annoying screw in threads, allowing for quicker setup times. With less time spent on assembly you have more time to spend on the creative process.

The M15 150mm filter holder is made from aviation grade aluminum and PC materials, resulting in a strong and durable filter holder that is also lightweight. The M15 holder is designed to allow for use of up to 2 filters (150x150mm or 150x170mm) as well as the round CPL.

The holder, coupled with the adapter ring, allows for quick and easy on the go use. Once assembled the complete system can be rotated 360 degrees.

Built to stand up to the rigors of outdoor landscape photography, the new Haida M15 filter holder system is an absolute joy to use!

The M15 Filter Holder System is available both with and without a magnetic Circular Polarizer. Each M15 kit includes the filter holder and adapter ring.