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Marumi 40mm DHG Kit Includes 40mm DHG Clear Protective filter and 40mm DHG Circular Polarizer

Manufacturer SKU# MAR40DHGKIT



Marumi 40mm DHG Clear Protective Filter and Circular Polarizer Kit!

The Marumi DHG Clear Protective Filter is mounted in a thin 3mm Aluminum mount. The coating on this filter is not considered a hard coating so it is slightly more susceptible to scratching than the Super DHG Protective filter. This filter is a great cost effective way to protect your lens, whether you are a hobbyist or professional.

The Marumi DHG Circular Polarizer is a thin mount (5mm) Polarizer mounted in Aluminum, with a light transmission rating of 98% has a superior multi coating which is extremely scratch resistant and very easy to clean. Although the DHG Filters are slightly less expensive than the Super DHG filters, they still come with a great multi-coating that will help with flare and glare issues, they produce great images and are an asset to any photographer’s camera bag!