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Marumi Super DHG ND1000 (ND 3.0) 10-Stop Filter


Like the current DHG ND series, the neutral color balance of the Super DHG ND Filters maintain the original color of the images. Available in both a 9-stop (ND500) and a 10-stop (ND1000) these multi-coated high density ND filters enable creative photographers who want to capture long exposure daytime images.

Super DHG Features

  • Hard Protection - Even with "heavy duty use" it guards the filter's surface from scratches
  • Water & Oil Repellent - Just wipe off any water or oil spots
  • Antifouling - Keeps the lens surface free of dust and dirt
  • Proprietary ultra-low reflection coating increases light transmission
  • Lens' outer rim is blacked to minimize internal reflection
  • Satin smooth, ultra thin, matte-black metal filter frame further minimizes reflection