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Schneider 82mm True-Match Variable Neutral Density Filter

Manufacturer Sku# 68-031182



Schneider 82mm True-Match Variable Neutral Density Filter

The Schneider Tru-Match Vari ND is the perfect choice for DSLR cameras with high ISO settings, it allows the user to select the lens f/stop and camera speed independent of ambient light conditions.

This filter has a range of 1 & 1/3 stop to 10 stops. By selecting the best quality materials, Schneider variable ND offer 10stops (ND3.3) attenuation with no blue color shift at maximum density which is a common problem with inferior and unmatched materials common in lesser variable ND filters.

The True-Match Vari-ND Thread-In is a single low profile filter with both True-Match Polarizing filters in the correct orientation for maximum ease of use and efficiency. The low profile ring prevents vignetting on most DSLR and Video Camera lenses. Simply turn the built in rotating ring to dial in the perfect amount of ND for your scene.